Summer and fall activities at the Outdoord Centre

The Outdoor Center also welcomes you in summer and fall for a sunny day in the open air.

Also enjoy our watercraft rental service.


Winter as its best in the Laurentians

Under the spell of the Laurentian mountains and an abundant quality snowfall, you can enjoy your favourite winter sport at the Camping Sainte-Agathe’s Outdoor Centre. Skiing, hiking or snowshoeing: we offer nature lovers a winter nature experience they’ll never forget!


Outdoor Centre winter services

During the winter season, a number of services are available to make your day as perfect as possible. Take a look below at all the on-site amenities:

  • Rental centert
  • Heated cabin with WIFI
  • Convenience store (coffee, beverage, soup, croissants, chocolatine, cookies, granola bars, etc.)
  • Free parking
  • Indoor waxing room
  • Ski accessories
  • 3 km skiing trails
  • Cross-crountry ski school
  • Snowshoeing trails
  • Refuge

Cross-country ski school

The Outdoor Center offers a cross-country ski school formula. Courses accredited by cross-country skiing Quebec through the youth programs Jeannot Lapin (4-5 years old) and Jack Rabbit level 1 (6-10 years old). For older children and groups, an initiation program for the discovery of cross-country skiing. Classes from January 13 to February 25.

The mission: give you a taste for the pleasures of winter while staying in a recreational cross-country skiing setting not for competition, but mainly all for self-fulfillment and the joy of sport.

These programs aim to encourage participation and enjoyment of sports practice while developing basic techniques that improve motor skills. These programs also aim to develop self-confidence and social skills.

  • Jeannot Lapin (3-5 years old) : Price 175 $

    Bunny Bunnies learn to tame the snow on their long slippery soles. Children usually spend only one year there. This program is of capital importance because it is from the very first steps that the child will learn to appreciate this new activity. This is why the program is offered in the form of games.

    Prerequisite: Stand up unaided, be independent and recognize personal belongings.

    7 lessons lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes, upcoming schedule. Group of up to 6 people.

  • Jack Rabbit (6-9 years old) : Price 200 $

    Skiers move on to the technical development stage where learning classic and free styles is on the menu. The program includes 4 technical levels and allows the development of complete skiers. The progress made is underlined by stickers, earned by the achievement of objectives.

    The Jackrabbit program also emphasizes the progressive integration of other skills and techniques, such as waxing, equipment, safety and ethics. The coaches have a variety of educational tools including a series of 70 laminated activity sheets, available from the federation. On the menu: games, pursuits, relays, races and courses, to perfect learning while having fun.

    Does not require any previous cross-country skiing experience: Knowing how to fall and get up. Know how to walk with skis.

    7 lessons lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, upcoming schedule. Group of up to 8 people.

  • En Piste! (10-16 years old) : Price 200 $

    Young skiers will learn to use their skills to experience a variety of cross-country skiing practices: from off-trail hiking to ski tournaments. Adventure activities during camp on snow or on dry land, and introduction to competition are also on the program.

    Does not require any previous cross-country skiing experience: Knowing how to fall and get up. Know how to walk with skis.

    7 lessons lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, upcoming schedule. Group of up to 10 people.

  • Cross-country skiing initiation : Starting from 45 $

    Does not require any previous cross-country skiing experience.

    1 lesson lasting 1h30 (by reservation only), 6 years old and over. For families, groups and individuals.

Outdoor Centre winter activites

The Outdoor Centre invites you to come and enjoy a few days of winter at its best in the wild. Enjoy the fresh air and a full range of fun activities located nearby, some only minutes away.


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