A peace deposit of $ 100 is required for any reservation of land in section M which will be given to you after 12:00 p.m. on the day of your departure if the curfew has been respected.

Groups (2 sites and more): In order to ensure that the curfew (11 p.m.) and the peace of all of our campers are respected, the management reserves the right to require a peace deposit of $ 100 per lot which will be returned to you after 12:00 on the day of your departure if the curfew has been respected.

1. No construction work or renovation can be made between Fête Nationale and Labour Day.

2. No request can be made directly to maintenance employees in the field. All requests must go through the campsite / outdoor center administration.

3. No pets are allowed on the site.

4. It is strictly forbidden to cut, scratch or lop trees. In addition, it is forbidden to hang up clotheslines or other objects.

5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in glass containers is prohibited on the grounds and on the beach.

6. The campsite is considered a public place, therefore the consumption of cannabis is prohibited on the entire site.

7. Any noise and / or music that may inconvenience the neighbors is not tolerated.

8. All sales or shops are forbidden on the grounds unless you have a written permission from the management of Camping Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts.

9. Any (noise, music, etc.) shall cease at 11 p.m. The lights must be turned off (safely and completely) at midnight.

10. The tenant must put his garbage in the garbage containers provided for this purpose. Only household waste should be placed in the containers, under penalty of a fine of $ 250.

11. Anyone causing damage to the campground, buildings, trees, toilets, tables, etc. will be expelled and will have to answer for their actions before the civil authorities.

12. Decorative lanterns or any other form of light decoration are prohibited on the rented land.

13. If a tenant overloads the electrical circuit, it will be switched off. The tenant will then be required to pay $5 to reconnect.

14. For all deliveries of materials and supplies except food, deliverers must identify themselves at reception before making the delivery to the field.

15. It is forbidden to launch (slide into the water) or leave any vessel on the shorelines.

16. Fires are only permitted in fireplaces or in designated areas and must be extinguished (safely and completely) at midnight.

17. Games must be practiced in designated areas.

18. It is forbidden to wash dishes or clothes in sinks, showers or the river.

19. Immoral behaviour, abusive language and/or profanity will not be tolerated on the site. All campers must respect their neighbours and other campers using Camping Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts facilities.

20. All installations or activities must respect the tranquility of the neighborhood. It is forbidden to obstruct the windows of trailers, tent trailers and tents from viewing neighbouring sites.

21. One tent, trailer or tent-trailer per campsite.

22. It is forbidden to walk, play or swim in the river.

23. Authorized vehicles remaining on the site must be identified with a vignette.

  • Only the tenant of a campsite has the right to cross the barrier with their vehicle and this right is not transferable. Two vehicles are allowed per lot, with vignette.
  • It is forbidden to perform mechanical repairs or wash vehicles on the site.
  • Vehicles with a defective or noisy muffler are not allowed on the site.
  • ATVs and “mini-bikes” are prohibited on the site.
  • Noisy motorcycles are prohibited on the site.
  • There is a limit of one tent, trailer-tent or trailer per campsite.

24. The maximum speed allowed on the site is 8 km per hour. In case of violation of this rule, a written warning will be given to the offender. In case of a second offense, the offending vehicle’s vignette will be confiscated for one week. For a third offense, the vignette will be confiscated for two weeks and so on, depending on the offense.

25. Valid driver's license required and user must pay fees for the use of a golf cart (information at reception). Maximum speed of 8km / h.

Additional rules for annual campers

1. Parking : Campers and / or visitors are asked not to park their car on vacant lots or in the streets. Visitor fees apply: ask reception for details. It is forbidden to park on the lawn. If there is not enough space in the entrance identified on the site, use the parking area at the campsite reception.

2. Groups: All annual campers must have liability insurance (fire, theft, accidents, vandalism, etc.). In the absence of such valid insurance, the camper may not under any circumstances take legal action against the owners or the management of the campsite in the event of a disaster or other incident.

3. Parental responsibility Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children at all times on the campsite.

4. Subletting: It is forbidden to rent or lend your camping equipment on the site.

5. Big rejects:: Construction waste as well as refrigerators, furnaces, mattresses, furniture, etc. should not be placed in or near garbage containers, but rather at the Ecocenter ( The tenant must dispose of it himself and at his own expense.

6. Land development: : According to rule 20 of the general regulations (occupation rule), any land development requiring a derogation from this rule must first receive the authorization of the management under penalty of being obliged to dismantle the new development.

7. Visitors : Campers are responsible for their visitors and must ensure that they pay the costs of their stay and at all times comply with the regulations in force. Visitors must leave the campsite no later than 23:00 if this is a daily visit. Visitors who have paid the costs for sleeping at the campsite must have left no later than 11:00 am the day after their overnight stay.

8. The posters : Posters bearing the mention for sale, for rent or a phone number are prohibited on the site at all times and without exception. Rather, a request must be made for posting in the binder reserved for this purpose at reception. The campsite team offers its collaboration to help its customers sell their equipment.

9. Transfer of contract : The transfer of a contract (lease) is only possible with the approval of the campsite management. A fee of $ 100 (plus taxes) is applicable. It is recommended that you notify the new policy owner of these charges.

Camper group : The term “camper group” designates a maximum of two adults and two children. Any additional person will have to pay fees.

Any violation of the rules, on the part of a camper or a visitor, may result in expulsion from the site, without reimbursement. The tenant found guilty of any violation of the regulations will be evicted from the site without notice and without the right to any refund.

The Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Campsite and Outdoor Center is not responsible for any accidents that may occur on the site or in the practice of activities carried out on the campsite boundaries.

Comments from campers and visitors are welcome. It is recommended and appreciated that comments be made in a courteous and honest manner, in the right place and at the right time, and that these comments are constructive and aimed at improving your stay on the site.