In the context of a pandemic, behavior and preventive measures are everyone’s business.

As a camper, you have an important role to play. Campsites have received strict guidelines. This is why campers are asked to comply with the regulations and signs they have put in place, especially those concerning closed infrastructure, buildings and recreational areas.   Remember that it is essential that everyone applies to camping the directives that are prevalent in society in general concerning gatherings of 10 people or less, the physical distance of 2 meters and hygiene measures. In addition, Camping Québec requests the collaboration of campers to comply with the following specific directives issued by the government:    
  • Only residents of the same address can stay together, whether in their own equipment or in a rental unit (ready-to-camp or chalet).
  • The sanitary blocks are reserved for traveler type customers who have no other option using their equipment. These campers must comply with the mandatory hand washing instructions and the reception capacities displayed.
  • All common infrastructure must remain closed until further notice with the exception of sanitary blocks which must be reserved for traveler type customers who have no other option with their equipment and laundries.
  • From June 12, 2020, water playgrounds will be allowed to open in Quebec campgrounds, in accordance with the guidelines in force.
  • Starting June 15, it will be possible to gather within the accommodation units, except in the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC), the Joliette County Regional Municipality and the City of Epiphany. For these three locations (CMM, Joliette and L’Epiphanie), indoor gatherings will be allowed from 22 June. Gatherings, whether indoors or outdoors, will be permitted, however, provided they comply with the following measures :* They must be limited to a maximum of 10 people. In addition, they are required to include people of up to 3 households. Remember that the occupants of the same address form a household.
  • Campers must limit their trip to a simple round trip between their home and the campground. Details.
  These conditions apply until further notice and may change as the situation evolves. We are convinced that by working together as best we can, we can all have a pleasant and safe summer of camping. Camping Québec will keep you informed of developments as they arise.   We invite you to consult the website of camping Quebec for more information. Happy 2020 season!        

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